Thursday, April 23, 2009

"POP"-ular Pops

Billings ~ Cherry Coke Zero
Brimley ~ Water
Lindberg ~ Root Beer or Cream Soda
Reid ~ Smoothie or Juice
Webb ~ Propel Fitness Water

Ashworth ~ Mountain Dew
Cochrane ~ Dr. Pepper
Hall ~ Orange Sunkist
Lamb ~ Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke with Lime
Mair ~ Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi
Richards ~ Dr. Pepper

Bigler ~ Sprite
Christensen ~ Diet Coke with Lime
Coffman ~ Grape Juice
Graves ~ Raspberry Lemonade or anything from Jamba Juice
Parker (Harris) ~ Water
Hartley ~ Orange Sobe Water
Layne ~ Gatorade Rain

Jackson ~ Fountain Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke with Lime
Morley ~ Juice (Bolthouse Smoothies)
Orr ~ Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi
O'Toole ~ Fresh Lime Ricky
Spencer ~ Cream Soda or Mountain Dew

Bjornestad ~ 7-Up
Cannon ~ Smoothies/Ginger Ale
Carpenter ~ Mountain Dew
Morgan ~ Diet Coke
Padeken ~ Juice

Byington ~
Decker ~ Mountain Dew
Crockett ~ Dr. Pepper

Amendola ~ Ginger Beer (like Root Beer)
Hone ~ Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke with Lime
Wood ~ Cream Soda

Arnold ~ Diet Coke
Cook ~ Diet Pepsi
Martinez ~ Pepsi
Gray-Myers ~


Turk ~ Diet Coke
Turner-Detelj ~ Diet Coke

Leonard ~ Diet Dr. Pepper

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Time to ROCK...

...our teachers' worlds!

Teacher appreciation week is just around the corner, starting on Monday, April 27. We have fun things planned to celebrate our teachers each day of the week, because:
Our Teachers Rock!!!

Fan Mail Monday

Students will have a chance during class to create fan mail for their own teacher.

We would LOVE for parents to join the fan club, too, by sending or e-mailing notes of appreciation to their students’ teachers. Email addresses for each teacher can be found on the school website Put “Fan Mail” on the subject line.

Star Treatment Tuesday

Today we pamper our teachers!

Every teacher has a wish list for their classroom and we want to make some of those wishes come true. The most requested items are:

dry erase/overhead markers
clorox/baby wipes
grade level books
glue sticks
hand sanitizer
pencil erasers
Ziplock bags
treats for the class
If you need more ideas, check with your room mom.

If you would prefer, room moms will also be collecting small donations all week (until Thursday) towards a gift card for your teacher.

As always, there is no obligation to give anything more than a big smile and a "thank-you!" to our awesome teachers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shout Out To Our Back Up Singers Wednesday

We have some amazing back up singers disguised as Specialty and Resource teachers. Write a note, send an email, make a wish come true ~ we love our back up singers!

"Pop" Star Thursday

Let our teachers know how POP-ular they are. Bring a can of his/her favorite pop, pop-corn, pop-rocks… Let your creative juices flow!

Rock Star Friday

EVERYONE is a rock star today!

Students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite rock star and cheer their teachers along the red carpet at an assembly this afternoon.