Monday, September 19, 2011

Green Ribbon Week

Did you know that on average in Utah, 1/3 of all pedestrians injured or killed are under the age of 15? The purpose of Green Ribbon Week is to promote pedestrian safety awareness and education. It is also a time to remind drivers to slow down in residential areas and around schools! Join us in our pledge to keep the children of Pony Express safe. We hope everyone will be involved to make this a great week!

Tuesday: Wear green to school…pledge to stay safe!

Wednesday: Walk to school…moms or dads too! Make sure your child knows how to be a safe pedestrian

Thursday: 2nd annual Jog-a-thon @ school…parents join us! After school, take a bike ride as a family! Teach or practice the rules of the road together.

Friday: reward your family… have a picnic dinner at Nolan park…play a little!