Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crystal Spencer

June 17th
Teaches 3rd grade.
She grew up in Mesa, Arizona and Mapleton, Utah.
She went to UVU.
This is her 5th year teaching.
She wanted to become a teacher because she loves the energy & fun that radiates from the students. She loves to teach them new things and see them have the "Aha!" moments.

Some of her Favorites:
Casual Restaurant: Cafe Rio
Nice Restaurant: Pizzeria 712
Place to Shop: Ross - Downeast - Walmart
Hobbies: Photography - Volleyball - Basketball - Water Sports
Ways to Pamper Herself: Go out to eat
Color: Blue
Candy: Twix
Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Drink: Water
Snack: Baked Lays
Sports/Team: Playing Volleyball - Watching Basketball

In her free time & on weekends she likes to spend time with her family, watch movies, play board games or go out to eat.

Things she would like for her classroom:
She always loves new books!