Monday, September 10, 2012

Our 3rd Annual Jog-a-Thon is next Friday, September 21st!  Come join  us for some healthy fun! Be sure to wear your fastest running shoes and school shirts, as we blaze around the neighborhood*. Parents and other family members are welcome to run with students and/or cheer on the students along the route! Be prepared to get splashed as you cross the finish line...thanks to our brave Eagle Mountain firefighters! 

We have some fantastic community sponsors that have donated an amazing amount of prizes for both students and teachers! Some of our  sponsors include...In Motion Dance, Lehi Legacy Center, Jack & Jill's bowling and many more! The classes with the most money raised with receive A PIZZA PARTY or an ICE CREAM PARTY and the student who raises the most money will win a ride to school on the FIRETRUCK! 

Today, students have received their Jog-a-Thon donation envelopes.  Parents, please help you child gather donations to  help support programs...Trading Post, Family Activities, Skate Night and much more!  We do ask, for safety reasons, that students are NOT allowed to gather donations door to door. Donations are due by Friday, September 21st!

If we reach our goal of $10,000, be prepared to see our Principal, Mrs Smith and our new Assistant Principal, Mr Blevens do some crazy things!  We are looking for ideas from students...what would they like do see our great administrators do?  Sing Karaoke Justin Bieber...on the roof?              Please email us with your students' ideas... 

Pony Express Elementary t-shirts order forms have also been sent home today!  T-shirts are $2 for students, and $3 for non-students with the horseshoe design, celebrating Pony Express Elementary's 10th Anniversary.

 Any questions, email us at


Kindergarten students will have both teachers and buddies 
from 5th and 6th grades running together, for safety!


Remember, without volunteers, events like this are NOT possible!  

Thank you for your continued support of 
Pony Express Students, Teachers and staff!