Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lynn Highman

November 13
Head Custodian
He grew up in Gunnison, Utah
He went to UVSC & Trade Tech

Some of his Favorites:
Casual Restaurant: Italian Place
Nice Restaurant: Chilli's - The Roof
Place to Shop: Home Depot - Cabella's
Hobbies: Carpentry - Camping - Fishing
Ways to Pamper Himself: Camping, Sitting in Recliner & Watching Football
Color: Yellowe
Candy: Chocolate
Dessert: Lemon Pie
Drink: Rootbeer
Snack: Chocolate Chip
T.V. Show: Westerns
Movie: Outlaw Josie Wales -Any John Wayne movie
Special Skills/Talents: Carpentry and Basketball
Sports/Team: Basketball & Football - Jazz -BYU -49ers
Books: Huckleberry Finn - Lord of the Flies

In his free time & on weekends he likes to camp, garden, do yard work, play sports and fish.