Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mishel Bixel

March 16
Preschool Aide
She grew up in Oregon
This is her 8th year teaching.
She wanted to become a teacher & loves teaching because of her students. She learns more from them then them then they do from her. :)

Some of her Favorites:
Casual Restaurant: Taco Time
Nice Restaurant: Chilli's
Place to Shop: Target
Hobbies: Wakeboarding - Hunting
Ways to Pamper Herself: Pedicure & Manicure
Color: Purple
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Dessert: Ice Cream
Drink: Diet Coke
Snack: Almonds
T.V. Show: Survivor
Movie: Twilight
Sports/Team: Baseball
Books: Harry Potter

In her free time & on weekends she likes to go boating & to the movies.

Things she would like for her classroom:
Easy Puzzles